A Few Things to Consider Before You Hire a Dj

Tips on How to Hire a Dj

When looking to hire a Dj, it should be like hiring someone for your company. Take some time and make the right choice …



Shopping for the right DJ for your event can be fairly tedious, and daunting. Here’s a few tips to get you started …


Look firstly, at their training and experience. An newer Dj may not know the ins and outs of such elements that can make or break an event. Skills like how to read a crowd, when should requests be played, or how and when to transition from one song to another in a seamless manner.


Look for references and social proof that confirm they a good client reputation. Ask them to give you references to clients they have worked with that closely relate the the type of event your planning.


Look the frequency of how often they post on social media, such as Facebook. Have a look at the types of events they post about and that will give you some incite as to their style and weather this Dj is right for you. If your booking a public event such as a nightclub or campus rave, can they pull in their own crowd to the event. In other words, does he have some level of popularity, is he known.


 The cost should not be of the first questions that comes to mind. Most professional Dj’s will all charge the same amount, within $100.00 or so.

 Shopping by price, as the ultimate deciding factor. Remember, you get what you pay for.

If you hear things like “It’s just a hobby for me”, ” I just do this part time on weekends”, or “my equipment is all paid for, that’s how I keep my prices low”, this should raise a flag.

Wait a minute, how old is your equipment?


Listen, if the man is good and he gets his price, there’s a reason. If he didn’t give more value then the fee invested. he’d be out of business. If he’s too cheap, that usually means that he has a low appraisal of the job he puts forth.

Remember, a good Dj will also spend considerable time outside of the event to prepare your music and discussing with the client the venue, lighting, evening schedule, and how they want the event to roll out.

Professional Dj’s know and understand the importance of you having successful event. This adds to their accountability as a great event means a great testimonial and adds to their reputation.

The Final Decision

 Once you identify the final candidates, arrange a person to person interview. Make sure to ask questions specific to your event and the types of music you need for your event to be a success.

I say to do it in person so your able to get an idea of their mannerisms, professionalism, as well as there overall personality.

How they answer your specific questions should give you an incite as to weather of not they have the music and experience necessary for your event.

 Questions to keep in mind are at the interview:

  • Can you “Beat-match”?
  • Are your comfortable speaking on the mic?
  • What happens if your equipment fails?
  • What’s the Caliber of the equipment your currently using?  Is the equipment of a professional grade?
  • Are you comfortable playing these specific genres needed for my event, and is your catalog diversified enough to play other genres should they get requested by guest?
  • How do you keep your music up to date? Are you a member of a reputable music pool?
  • Do you have any examples of your work?
  • How many gigs do you do in a year?
  • Have you played at our venue before? If not, can you meet with us (Or the site manager) there?

Once you’re happy with a Dj and the answers given about your event – start talking price.

Keep in mind that generally speaking, the more in demand they are, the more likely they are to charge a professional rate.

Most good DJs work repeatedly with clients that are happy to pay the price. Repeat business is a clue that the Dj is dependable. Also, word of mouth carries quickly about a good Dj.

We can also akin this principle to the workplace. Great employees with tenure and proven performance and experience usually get paid more than new employees who have not yet proven themselves.

In closing, …

Research your potential Dj and make sure they have the specific music and personality you need for your event. Not all Dj’s are cut from the same cloth. They’ll all have different strengths and weaknesses.

Make sure you know what’s most important to you. Use what I said above, as a general guideline, and you should be able to find the right one, that will suit you needs.

 Any additional questions about the process, feel free to contact me at anytime if your looking for a Dj in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph, Hamilton, and GTA – Toronto area!



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