A Wedding at the Tapestry Hall In Cambridge

All events are unique in themselves and that’s what I love about being a DJ. No two projects are the same and we, the professional DJs, have to constantly adapt to changes for delivering the perfect experience to our clients. To be a part of a wedding is always fun, more so if you’re responsible for setting the vibe of the entire wedding through amazing music.


Overcoming Challenges: How I prepared for the wedding

Once the clients contact me for an event we discuss needs and wants. After the contract is submitted I then send them a wedding planner to help them outline their entire day. After discussing with family and friends, they decided they wanted a mix of top 40 and a bit of Caribbean music at their wedding reception.

Wedding at the Tapestry Hall

Like all professional DJs, I was ready for the challenge and started preparing way before the event date. Once their planner was submitted It only took me a couple of days to curate their playlist. As for the equipment, I had everything I needed. All that was left was the transportation, which was not really an issue because I was already set up in a nearby location.

General reaction during the wedding

The big day finally arrived and I was totally pumped. As I was fully confident with my music (After discussing the clients needs) and I am a preferred vendor at the Tapestry Hall in Cambridge. I started off with some soothing music, delaying the amp-up in music until the audience was done with greetings and catching up. Once they all settled down, I switched to classic background wedding tracks, and classic Bollywood love songs slowly lifting the mood and spirits of the event. 

As the dance floor opened up, later on, it was showtime! I did of course keep in mind the preferences of my clients and their guests, constantly reading the room and playing to the taste and the playlist they requested from the dancefloor.

Tapestry Hall Party - Review

All the invitees had a great time and I scarcely had one or two requests in between. No doubt the best part of the wedding was the bride and groom dance. They had prepared pretty well and it was a pleasure to see them and their guests have an amazing time.

Onto the Next Event!

Since I started providing DJ services in Cambridge and surrounding area, I’ve learned that great communication between myself and my clients lead to great success.

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