Live Stream all of your important moments

Event Web Streaming

Web Stream Your Event LIVE!

 Your family, friends, or important clients will be at your momentous events at the click of a button using Facebook web stream or other platform


Connecting People Through Technology

As our world continues to get faster and more complicated, the ability for important people in our lives to attend big events and life milestones can be tricky. Sometimes downright impossible…

Modern problems require modern solutions! 

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Streaming Technology allows your guests to join your important events right in the palm of their hand with ease – and with great sound and video! 

Perfect For Life Events Such As: 

  • Wedding Ceremonies 
  • Church Services 
  • Graduation Ceremonies 
  • Baptisms
  • Memorial Services 
  • Keynote Speakers

Streaming Examples

Perfect Audio

Using our streaming system, your guests will enjoy crystal clear audio

Our system uses a fantastic sounding “USB Interface”. This means that once you or your speaker are using one of our microphones, your guests will have intelligible, super clear, and great sounding audio. 

Great Picture

Our “Mirrorless DSLR” cameras will allow your guests to have crystal clear, stunning, and vibrant video quality

Long ago are the days of out of focus and blurry video that is much too far away from (or up way too close to) the person speaking. The camera used in our set up provides “Dual Pixel Autofocus”, which keeps the speaker in perfect focus at all times – with great quality!  

The Complete Package

Our streaming system leaves your guests feeling as if they were right in the room with you!

Streaming Services Includes… 

  • DSLR Professional Camera: so your viewers will receive superb quality video imagery
  • A second high quality DSLR camera positioned: so your viewers can see what’s happening in the room
  • USB Audio Interface: so we’re able to feed the audio of your mic into our system – giving your viewers the clearest sound available
  • Optional Closed Caption Technology: so your viewers who may not have speakers or who may have a hearing challenge can still read along with what’s being said via text on screen
  • Complete Setup/Tear Down: We come to your event totally self contained with everything ready to stream! The only thing needed is a solid high speed internet connection. 


Prices are based on length of event and the complexity: 

Prices can range from $500.00 for a standard 1 hour Ceremony, up to $5000.00 for an entire 8 hour day with multiple Cameras and audio feeds.  Pricing can be altered and fully customized to your liking. 

Contact us and find out what we can do for your TODAY!