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Why Are Wedding Djs So Expensive?

Wedding DJ

OK yeah I get it! 

If you’re not getting married regularly (Hopefully that’s most of us lol), you may not truly understand what goes into the entire process from a Professional Djs point of view…. 

But wait… “Doesn’t a Wedding DJs just show up and press some buttons and set up some gear?”  

Playing music is absolutely one of the core functions of the DJ, however there is so much more that goes on.

Many times, your Wedding DJ is also your entertainment coordinator, and at times your wedding DJ stands in as pseudo-Wedding Coordinator. 

Or works very closely with your Coordinator to make sure your wishes are met with absolute precision.  Again you may think the Wedding DJ service starts the day of your wedding.  However, a true wedding DJ starts to prepare well before the actual wedding day. In fact, the preparation for your wedding starts much earlier, in some cases months before your wedding. 

Now I can’t speak for all wedding DJs, and yes there are a number of DJ’s that claim to be wedding dj’s and will offer you an AMAZING super low price!  Generally these djs do not do the same prep work for your wedding that I render once hired, and can sour the experience for many couples. As a matter of fact, I still hear constantly how of how other couples wedding DJ was an absolute nightmare do to their inexperience, and lofty attitudes toward the amount of prep work truly involved.  Please allow me to  give you a glimpse of what I do as part of my planning process for my clients.

Getting To Know You...

Wedding DJs

During the first number of discussions I do my best to get a glimpse into what you are looking for, and what you’re expectations are of me, and your guests.  As we get closer to your wedding date, the details should all be locked in, accounted and planned for. 

Typically about 60 days out from your wedding I will send you a link to my online forms.  These forms will ask a series of questions that help me orchestrate all of the key elements of your wedding, from the timing of when you are going to make your entrance, the names of your bridal party,  if you are going to have a bouquet toss, and many other minute details. Admittedly, this form can be a bit tedious for some, but it’s very important, at some points may be crucial for the DJ to know all the particular detail so I can help ensure that you and your guest have a great night, with the atmosphere and music you are looking for.  At most times once the form is given, the expression “Ohh I haven’t thought of that” comes out at least once from my clients. 

Secondly, It is also around this time that I will look for details regarding your venue to find any specifics and guidance to what time and where i’m able to set up. If your venue is in town, and I am unfamiliar with the location, I’ll typically plan a meeting with the couple at your venue to determine things like establishing a line of communication with the venue, equipment placement and if there are any issues with some of the details discussed thus far.

Planning Is Crucial

Plan - DJ Service

I tend to try and meet with the couple several times throughout the planning process… 

Simpler weddings may have all the details wrapped up in a single meeting.  How ever, wedding details may change at a moments notice.   

Head counts can change which may result as a change to the floor plans, musical selections might be altered at any given time (I once had a bride change the music she was walking down the isle to just minutes before the procession). You may decide to have the ” Dry Ice” or improve on your “DJ Lights”, the list can go on. I always try to set up a meeting with my couples 14 – 7 days before the wedding day to see if anything has changed, and what the new plan is going forward. 

Usually, it is around the 14 day mark I ask the couple to lock in their special songs. As it may be somewhat challenging to come up with more obscure titles, and it may take a while to procure special requested titles that can’t be found on iTunes or Amazon. 

The Day Before Your Big Day!!

Think DJ Service

want to make sure that your day is as stress-free, and as fun as possible!

Typically a few days prior to your wedding I begin to set plans in motion, and I begin to sort out your special songs, and guest request. I do this so I am 100% fully prepared for your big day.  I go over the submitted forms several times to insure that nothing was missed! I then place all your requested and special songs in several specific “crates” of music, just so I’m ready for all of your special moments. As a back up I will have your music downloaded to my phone ready to play just in case something goes wrong (Fun note, I use all top of the line industry standard gear, so that’s NEVER been that case). 

I go over all cables, adapters and package all my gear to help ensure nothing is missing. Typically this process usually take around 5 – 8 hrs of time and work before anything even gets loaded into my truck/van

Your Wedding Day Is Here!!

Wedding DJ Services Kitchener, Waterloo | DJ Vibe

It’s here!!! After months of planning, and preparation YOUR WEDDING is here!! 

On the big day I usually start getting things ready and prepped in the morning, and i’m at your venue well before your guest arrive. As a solo-run DJ business i’m in charge of all aspects of getting my equipment up, running, programmed, and tested well before your Cocktail hour (Or Ceremony) begins. 

After we’re up and running all the fun begins!! It is now my job to flawlessly execute all of the requests and playlists that was previously provided. In addition to this, I believe it is my responsibility to read the crowd and get a good feel for when your guest want me to play more of the same genre, or move to another type of music. Perhaps your guest only want to hear a certain part of a song, then move to another song. Or play out the song in its entirety. Being able to read a crowd only comes with great experience and time. 

Most wedding receptions have guests of all age groups and taste. This means different genres and styles should be played to make sure everyone is having a great time. I take a lot of pride in my vast knowledge of many different types of music and my ability to mix as a “Club Style” dj when needed, and play songs from begging to end when that is called for as well.  

I also believe that YOU and your guest are the star at your wedding. Thus there is no room for ultra cool DJ ego’s. I maintain a fun and welcoming demeanour for your guest, as all request are welcome (Unless of course that request is on your “Do Not Play” list)! When requests are given I do my absolute best to fit it into the party and flow of the music as soon as possible. 

I also do my best to work with your other vendors to help things go as smoothly as possible. 

Once your reception is over, I usually spend another hour or so after the party tearing down my equipment and loading the van.  

In conclusion

I hope that you have a better understanding of why a Professional Full time dj may be perceived as “so expensive”. In short, you’re usually paying for much more than 8 hours of someone hitting a few buttons. There is a lot of pre work leading up to your wedding. 

Also, having a “Club Style” dj at your wedding can make all the difference! The atmosphere of your reception and overall vibe is will be different. The know how of building up a crowd may be very important to your receptions success,  others may  want to just get down and boogie. 

Reading a crowd, and having an eclectic music background is an absolute must! In a single night, your wedding DJ could go from Top 40 hits, to country, to EDM, to club bangers, and House, with everything else mixed in between. Your Wedding DJ must  have to have a vast knowledge of different types of music. This is usually knowledge that the Club DJ, or low cost amateur dj generally doesn’t have.  

When you have all things in place, you usually get results like the one shown below… 🙂 

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