DJ Vibe Vlog | Puddicombe House | New Hamburg

Wedding Vlog

As a DJ, I’ve had the pleasure of playing at countless weddings throughout my career, below is a Vlog of a wedding I did at the Puddicombe House near Waterloo

As a professional DJ, it’s essential to cater to the musical tastes of everyone in attendance. That’s why I made sure to play a wide variety of music.

During the cocktail hour and dinner, I played some instrumental and jazz as guests were chatting, later on I played some classic rock and disco hits to set the mood and get everyone in a relaxed, festive mood.

As the night progressed, I transitioned into more modern pop and hip hop songs, keeping the energy high and the dance floor packed.

I even threw in some reggaeton tracks, which the couple had specifically requested, and which proved to be a big hit with the guests. It was important to me to make sure that everyone felt included and had a good time, and the mix of music I played reflected that.

The beauty of being a DJ is that I can read the crowd and adjust the playlist accordingly.

If I noticed that people were responding well to a certain genre of music, I would play more of it. If I noticed that the energy was starting to dip, I would switch things up and play a high-energy hit to get everyone back on the dance floor.

Overall, the mix of music I played at the wedding at The Pudding Comb House was diverse and fun, catering to a wide variety of tastes and ensuring that everyone had a great time.

It was a great night, and I’m grateful to have been a part of it!

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