Booking a DJ for your School Dance, Prom or Event

Hiring a DJ for your school dance or prom may present some unique challenges….


Teacher and student showdown


Here’s a few things to consider ..

The music needs to be up to date…

Up to date and also contain all the hits that the students are looking for …

All of the music I use is from a fully licensed record pool, ensuring the music is high quality, and always current.

You can rest assured I have all the latest hits!

The music has to have very little racy or suggestive content …

For this, I usually keep to the music being played on Top 40 radio.

This keeps the faculty happy as they can rest assure that the content will be OK for the students.

The students are happy that all the hits that they are already familiar with and enjoy, are being played.

All the music must be clean!!!

Because all of my music comes from a fully licensed record pool, I am able to get all the hits in both album version and “Radio edit” or “Clean version”

Will the DJ be able to take requests

YES, I work very closely with the student council before the dance starts, and make sure to be able to take request the night of the dance.

I make every effort to play all requests.

Your Dj Should be interactive and relatable to the students.

And, as well, make important announcements in a professional manner should any situation presents itself …

Being a Nightclub DJ, I am on the mic very often keeping people engaged.

Should have a Sound and Light system that both looks and sounds great.

Yes! Sound systems are completely scalable.

You can do an event for as little as 50 students with just a pair of small speakers, or as large as 1000+ Students with a concert grade “Line Array” system.

Your light system can be as simple as a pair of lights that go to the beat of the music, or a large scale fully programmed light show with lights, lasers, and video wall for dances with bigger budgets.

Able to work within your budget.

I offer my Standard package for as low as $300.00 if it’s not during peak times! Mondays and Tuesdays or during school hours is usually when this discounted rate is offered.

Offer deal and Packages

Below are some of my standard packages, however, it’s best to have a one on one meeting so we can come up with solutions that meets your schools needs, and budgets.


Standard Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Speakers 1 pair 12” 1 Pair 12” 2 pair 12” 2 pair dual 15” 2 pair; dual 15”s, 12″s
Subwoofers N/A 1 Pair of 18” 2 pair of 18” 2 pair double 18” 2 Pair double 18”
Lighting 2 Lights/Stands 4 Lights/Stands 6 Prog/truss 6 Prog/truss 10 Prog/truss
Duration  4 Hour Service 4 Hour Service 4 Hour service 4 Hour Service 4 Hour Service
Crowd < = 100 People < = 200 People < = 400 People  < = 600 People < = 800 People
$400.00 $600.00 $900.00 $1,200.00 $1,600.00

Packages are offered Wednesday and Thursday evenings.


I’ll take an additional 20% off if your booking 4 Dances and your Prom simultaneously, AND I’ll DJ your next in school charity drive FREE.



Contact me now and Let’s get the party started!!

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  1. Emily Cox says:

    My name is Emily Cox and I am the activities director at TIDE Academy in Menlo Park. We are a new school with our first year of having a student government. Our winter formal is February 4th and we are looking for a DJ. There will be roughly 125 students, but only 70-80 on the dance floor at a time.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated!

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