Do I need a sub-woofer?

A Sub-woofer … What?

As I try my best to take a client based approach to providing equipment for a client’s event, I pride myself on making sure that the equipment I’m quoting them on is going to provide the best bang for their buck. Keeping in this in mind, one of the first things I ask or recommend may be, “Do you need a sub woofer ( sub) for your event?” or “for your party/event you’ll need sub-woofers”.

sub     woofer

Being that the term “sub-woofer” is not a common term used every day.

I can certainly understand the responses such as “Um, I’m not sure” or “I don’t know. What do they do?”

The following will hopefully provide some information on sub-woofers so you’re able to make a better-informed decision as to whether you’ll need them at your next event!



The SUB Speaker produces lower frequencies from a source. It provides the ‘big bass’ sound in a large speaker system. This larger system usually consists of; a loudspeaker or speakers that would produce the high frequencies or ‘treble’ sound, and, a sub-woofer for the big bass (base) sound. The sub brings out the rich bass sound that a loudspeaker would struggle to produce.

Where are sub-woofers best used?

For big party sound and dancing where you want to feel that hard hitting bass thump (Such as receptions, nightclubs, or concerts where you need a lot of bass) sub-woofers are an absolute must. How many you’ll need will vary based on how many people your expecting, as well as how big of an area you need to provide sound for.


I would, therefore, highly recommend a sub-woofer for these type of events:

  • Wedding Receptions
  • Night Clubs
  • School Dances/Proms
  • Holiday parties
  • Live band (For the kick drum and bass guitar)

Where sub-woofers are not recommended?

The main purpose of a sub-woofer is to accompany your loudspeaker. You may not need a sub-woofer if you don’t want to further amplify the lower frequencies that a sub-woofer would produce. A loudspeaker will usually handle the lower frequencies (bass/base) for voice audio and low level amplification.


For these events, I would normally not recommend a sub-woofer:

  • Speeches
  • Background music
  • Cocktail Parties
  • Dinner Parties

Well, that’s it in a nutshell. I trust this provided you with a little more insight to help you make an intelligent decision for that next big event.

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