How a Dj Service Price Structure is Determined

The Cost of a DJ

 Generally speaking, the cost of a reputable high quality DJ will charge $75.00 – $200.00 an hour depending on the duration of the event as well as the complexity of the set up, and whats expected of them.


If you are looking just at how many hours your event is, the cost may seem a lot. After all he is just playing music!! Or is he… let’s also consider other factors that go into what a professional charges and why.

Years of experience, talent and reputation

A dj that can mix seamlessly from one song into another, and have a   strong sense to reading your crowd is a skill that can takes years to    master. Also reading a crowd and track selection will help to build a vibe   and on atmosphere that only experienced Dj’s can do.

Consultations and preparations

The consultation and preparation in finding the perfects songs for your   event, and the going back and forth with clients to make sure your event   goes perfectly can take hours, even days depending on the complexity of   the clients request.

Cost of operations

Professional sound & lighting equipment for a basic set up on average can   cost up to $6 000.00 Just for the Mixer, Computer, and Turntables or CD players. The cost of speakers and lights could be an additional cost of $12   000 for a system of 2 speakers and 2 Sub woofers. Depending on the caliber of the sound system, (most clients want the music to sound superb)  thus higher end Dj’s will have no option to to attain and upkeep higher end   equipment. This doesn’t include the cost of attaining a legal music library   and the ongoing cost of music and maintenance, plus the time to do so.

Time at your event

The time taken to load in, set up equipment and do proper sound checks   and light placement plus time to break down and load out make for a long   day. Some days may go as long as 12 hours or longer depending on what   needs to be set up and so forth.

Let’s consider this…Your investment into your entertainment generally makes up 75% of the overall success of any event. It should not be deemed unreasonable to spend 5-10% of your budget on entertainment. In 2015 the average cost of an event such as a wedding with 100 to 200 guests, or medium size corporate event is approx $31,685 Canadian. 5% = $1,584.25.  My price is below this for an event of this size.

Also, your personal taste may differ from what your guest may be looking for. Hooking up you iPod to the sound system at the venue, will probably not have the same result as a professional DJ that has dedicated years to coming up with tens of thousand of song titles from different genres in their library.

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